St. Matthew Catholic School Dress Code

All students (Grades 1-8) must wear the required uniform. 


-White shirt (short or long sleeve). No colored shirts under the -white shirt, no printing on the shirt worn underneath.

-Dark blue dress pants with belt

-Crew socks, black or blue, no short cut socks-Sturdy black shoes, laces tied

– no sneakers-School navy blue tie-Navy blue school sweater, sweat shirts are not part of the uniform

-Dark blue dress shorts & summer shirt (spring/fall uniform) must have Flynn & O’Hara tag, no substitute (worn from Sept. to Oct. 15 & May, June)

No substitutes with the spring or fall uniform.

Boys wear sneakers with full white socks, no short cut socks

-Hair may not be below the collar. No extreme hairstyles, colored or bleached, no long bangs. Hair must be neat and trimmed.

-No earrings.-Name pin worn at all times. 


-White blouse (short or long sleeve). No colored shirts under the white blouse, no printing on the shirt worn underneath.

-School jumper of navy blue and white plaid, skirt not rolled, appropriate length.
-6th to 8th grade girls, navy & white plaid wrap around kilt; navy crew neck cardigan sweater

-No pajama pants worn with uniform. In cold weather, may wear navy blue sweat pants to school.

-Navy blue knee socks (worn up). Navy blue tights may be worn in cold weather.

-Navy blue sweater (in cold weather). No sweatshirts may be worn.

-All blue sturdy tie shoes (no sandals, clogs or flip-flops). All laces must be tied.-Summer shirt Sept. to Oct. 15th & May/June.

-Dark blue dress shorts (spring uniform with Flynn & O’Hara tag – no substitutes).-Sneakers with full white socks, no short cut socks.

-No makeup. This includes nail polish, fake fingernails, nail tips, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, jewelry (other than a religious medal, a watch, and one post earring per earlobe).

-Hair must be worn neatly. No long bangs. No bleached or colored hair. Hair ornaments may be white or navy only.

-Name pin worn at all times 

Physical Education Dress Code 

-Non-marking athletic sneakers that must be securely tied at all times.

-Short white or black socks, no short cut socks.

-Plain red gym shorts, appropriate length, not rolled up or worn below the waist.

-St. Matthew gold gym shirt, tucked into the waistband, no white shirts showing.

-St. Matthew navy blue sweatshirt (sweat suit has two pieces – shirt and pants) Sweatshirt and sweatpants are the gym winter uniform, worn with the gold shirt and gym shorts.

-No jewelry. Jewelry is a safety hazard and is not permitted at any time.

-No fashions or fads. 

Dress Down Day Dress Code

 -Clothing that is appropriate for school is to be worn.

-Shirts and pants should not have any printed sayings that would be offensive to the student or to others.

-No baggy pants or shirts.

-Clothing should fit and student’s stomach must be covered (appropriate length)

-No tank tops or shirts with thin straps.

-No clothes worn inside out.

-No rolled pants, or pajama pants.

-No flip-flops (such as Adidas, Nike, etc.).

-Sneakers should be tied.