These doors will remind us to celebrate that the Church has opened a Year of Mercy and to unite with a people hungry for God’s mercy.

IMG_0218Jesus Christ is the door of God’s heart. Through him, God’s infinite mercy takes our flesh and walks into our pain, our joy, our struggles, and our longings. During this year we are invited to gaze ever more attentively on God’s mercy so that we may become more effective signs of God’s action in our lives. The Year of Mercy starts in our own hearts. When our own hearts are convinced we have been touched with mercy, we can witness more strongly and more effectively to others. 

We recognize as we pass through our doors of mercy, we are called not to “build our tent” in this space but to emerge through these same holy doors and cross the thresholds of other sacred doors —doors, where we encounter the face of God in the poor and the physically or spiritually marginalized. We are called to be witnesses to God’s enduring love and limitless mercy through our own engagement with those who have not felt love nor known mercy from others.

Let us begin this Holy Year by blessing our doors and offering, to ourselves and all who pass through them, a blessing of kindness in this Year of Mercy. We encourage you to bless your bedroom door and possibly put a symbol or picture to remind yourself as you pass through you are entering a place of mercy.