Food allergies are a growing concern in schools across America. Millions of children – children who are perfectly healthy and normal in every other way – must watch every single bite they eat, or risk suffering a severe or even life threatening reaction. In fact, food allergies claim an estimated 150 lives and are responsible for more than 125,000 emergency room visits each year. A major health issue such as this must be taken very seriously, and it has always been the policy of St. Matthew School to make the safety and well-being of our students our top priority.

Peanut/nut allergies claim more lives each year than any other. A child with a serious peanut allergy can suffer a reaction merely by touching a peanut-containing food. If your child’s classroom has been designated ‘peanut free’ in an effort to create a safe environment for a student with an allergy, we trust that you understand how deeply important it is to respect and adhere to that request. There are numerous enjoyable snacks that meet the criterion of ‘peanut free safe snack.’ Please go to – click on ‘Safe Snack Guide’- scroll down to ‘Click here to view the safe snack guide’ and choose from the many available offerings.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping our school safe and healthy for all.