Step 1: Contact the Advancement Office-Mrs. Mary Beth Malloy or  215-333-3142 x305

Please leave your phone number and email address on the message if I am away from my desk.

Step 2: Visit and Observe

Schedule a visit during one of our monthly Explore and Tour dates. What better way to show you our atmosphere of learning and respect than a firsthand visit.

You will be accompanied by the Advancement Director and Student Ambassadors to answer any questions that you may have.

Explore and Tour Dates

Step 3: Receive Registration Forms

You will receive a red folder of information that needs to be completed in full.

Step 4: Gather Documents

        Documents needed:

  1. _____Birth Certificate
  2. _____Baptismal Certificate if applicable
  3. _____Current Immunizations
  4. _____Physical Examination Form (Due September)
  5. _____Dental Examination Form (Due September)
  6. _____School Records (New to Grades 1-6)
  7. _____Smart Tuition Registration
  8. _____Copy of Church envelope (Saint Matthew Parish only)
  9. ______ $100 Registration Fee

 Step 5: Submit Your Registration Forms

Registration is complete once all documents and down payments or registration fees are received.

You will be told verbally whether registration is PENDING upon documents, COMPLETE, or if you are on the WAIT LIST.

Down Payments are only refundable if we cannot accept your child.

Registration fees are not refundable.

Step 6: Acceptance

Welcome to the Saint Matthew School family!

You will begin receiving paper work, emails, and calendars after July.