“St. Matt’s: MAGIC Happens Here!”

 Goal: To raise $100,000 in order to keep the Magic of St. Matthew alive,

             thereby providing students with a quality, Christ-centered education.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON: Educational and formational materials for the classroom which will ensure the future of our children

  Religious items:

Statues & crucifixes for classrooms                      $300

CDs of religious music                                                200

Religious books                                                         1,000

Religious DVDs                                                            200

Retreats for Confirmation & First Communion    500



Chrome books for students                                  15,750

IPads for students                                                   5,000


Instructional Materials:

Math manipulatives: e.g. geoboards, 3D shapes

measuring tapes, stop watches, graph charts   1,000

Science equipment for the lab                              2,000


NO HOCUS POCUS HERE: Straight forward educational resources in other

areas of the school that will benefit children for a lifetime


Library: Books and Bookcases                           1,500


Gym: New equipment benefitting all grades 1,000


Art:   Easels for Pre-K                                             250

Art supplies                                                            @ $10 per child (800 children)



SPELLBINDING SOLUTIONS: Projects that will renovate problem areas,

replacing them with modern, safe and attractive facilities


Security cameras                                                           40,000

2 new outside doors                                                          5,000

Bathroom repairs                                                          20,000

New drinking fountains                                                 8,000

New shades in classrooms                                             4,000